The Beauty of Our World Through My Lens
My mom was a photographer and I always loved seeing her excitement when she created a new image. Her photographic imagination was so active that driving with her on a nice day could be frightening, because she would be immersed in the surrounding picture opportunities. That sense of wonder has transferred to me.
Sadly my mom passed away from cancer a few weeks after I transferred to Virginia Tech. Her love for me, my family, and Jesus left a lasting impression on my life that I am still unpacking. But I did inherit a physical object of great significance as well; her camera, my first DSLR. This gift was both exciting and a tangible reminder of why it now belonged to me. Part of my grief-journey was the decision to learn everything I could about that Canon Rebel xti. A desire to see the world through my mom's eyes. The more I researched the more tangents I found to learn about. It is a rabbit hole that I am still climbing down. 
To me photography is both therapy and an expression of worship. It played a role in processing the loss of my mom, and still does in many ways. When I am stressed, it helps to calm my mind and give me focus. It also gives me motivation to see more of the world. As I take in the unnecessary beauty that surrounds us, it draws me into worshiping the God who does things, not just for utilitarian efficiency, but because He loves us and desires to give good gifts to his creation. The stunning features of our planet and universe helped counteract the sadness and ugliness of my personal loss. A sign of God's goodness and love even in the middle of my deepest sorrow. A reminder that even in immense difficulty, His love is unwavering.
My mom sold her work in several shops around Northern Virginia and it has been a several-years-in-the-making dream of mine to sell my prints of my photography to carry on her legacy. So now my camera, an object which once brought up feelings of loss and grief, is a tangible reminder of the good memories I have of my mom and the love that God has towards me. The images you see on this site flow out of those memories and belief.
In loving memory of Leigh Goodnight