I took this image two days before summiting Mt. Whitney while having lunch in the Alabama Hills with some friends. We watched a massive storm form over the eastern Sierras, creating dramatic layers of light and cloud. This image shows the tension of beauty and danger that often coexist when climbing Mt. Whitney.

Metal or Canvas Print: Mt. Whitney

  • Aluminum prints:

    • Pros: Modern, sleek, glossy, and vibrant! Overall this is my preferred print medium and I especially love printing on metal when scenes have bright colors (they really POP!). 
    • Things to consider: Reflections, especially from bright light sources, can occur because of the glossy surface.
    • Care: Glass cleaner and a soft rag is the best way to care for the surface and remove any fingerprints. 


    Canvas prints:

    • Pros: Canvas prints have a matte (not shiny) finish, so surface glare is not an issue. 
    • Things to consider: Because the finish is matte, colors don't tend to have the same depth that their aluminum counterparts have.
    • Care: Lightly dust your print with a soft cloth or duster on a regular basis to prevent any dust buildup. If necessary, gently wipe your print with a soft cloth that has been slightly dampened with water. Never use chemicals to clean.